In order to serve the needs of the oil and gas industry, NART and NART Energy Services were established in 2011. Today NART produces the Ranger waste water clarifier in either trailer mounted or skid configuration. The system recycles flowback or produced water at the well head or our own recycle facility at a rate of 10,000 bbl per day. These facilities are currently being construction in NE Ohio and are planned for the Oklahoma and Kansas. As a companion to the Ranger, we also can provide our NCS Coalescing oil/water separators, from 1 – 5000 gpm for oil field applications. Finally, NART energy services has been established to build locations drill pads, tank batteries, erosion control, working/air pits excavation, built and install lease roads, steel/poly pipeline and installed cellars for well heads. Also we can provide pipeline maintenance mowing/inspection for leaks; location and lease road maintenance mowing/weed control/snow plowing/painting well heads and tanks, etc.


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